• Propack: Liquid processing machines

    其它彩票平台,1960彩票平台,cp彩票平台送彩金 A leading manufacturer of processing systems, Propack offers solutions for the biotech, cosmetic, food processing and pharmaceutical sectors. In North American, the company is represented by DJA.

  • Maharshi: High-performance packaging and printing machines

    其它彩票平台,1960彩票平台,cp彩票平台送彩金 Indian company Maharshi provides high-performance machines for labelling, printing, visual inspection and leak testing for a number of industries. In North America, its exclusive distributor is Daiichi Jitsugyo (DJA). We...

  • DJA: ‘The Walmart of pharmaceutical’

    其它彩票平台,1960彩票平台,cp彩票平台送彩金 Daiichi Jitsugyo (DJA) is a sales and service distributor that was founded with the sole aim of covering all the machines required by the pharmaceutical industry. We talk to Rusty...


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