IKA Group Laboratory Equipment and Analytical Devices for the Chemicals Industry

The IKA Group is a leading provider of high-quality laboratory, analytical and processing equipment for use in a wide range of chemical applications.

Our product catalogue includes advanced mixing, stirring, shaking and dispersing solutions optimised for different sample sizes.

其它彩票平台,1960彩票平台,cp彩票平台送彩金We offer a variety of repair, maintenance and training services to maximise the productivity of clients’ operations.

Magnetic stirring and shaking devices for the chemicals sector

IKA’s product line includes a wide variety of solutions designed to facilitate efficient, production-scale mixing and stirring for industrial operations.

Our innovative EUROSTAR range comprises a series of powerful laboratory stirring devices designed to deliver effective and intensive fluid mixing for quantities ranging from 15l-150l depending on the intended application.

These advanced controlled stirring systems are equipped with microprocessor technology, allowing them to automatically configure speed up to 2,000rpm to ensure a constant stirring rate even as the consistency of the sample changes.

IKA’s extensive catalogue also includes magnetic and overhead stirrers, mills, shakers and rotary evaporators, as well as a number of laboratory reactors, thermostats and centrifuges that have been specially developed to provide accurate measurements during chemical mixing.

Chemical analysis systems for industrial applications

其它彩票平台,1960彩票平台,cp彩票平台送彩金IKA offers a range of advanced calorimetry systems that have been specially designed to measure both exothermic and endothermic heat levels during chemical, biological and physical reactions.

Our combustion calorimeters are validated according to the relevant DIN, ISO and ASTM standards, and are available in isoperibol, adiabatic and ‘double-dry’ operating configurations depending on the intended application.

其它彩票平台,1960彩票平台,cp彩票平台送彩金IKA’s product catalogue includes the space-saving, cost-effective C 200 calorimeter unit, which has been developed to determine the total calorific values of both liquid and solid samples. This versatile device can be filled manually with oxygen and water and is equipped with a clear and easy-to-use display system, making it suitable for teaching and training activities, as well as industrial laboratory operations.

In addition, our pioneering C 1 static jacket calorimeter features a high degree of automation in a compact unit, offering one of the smallest calorimeter footprints currently available on the market.

其它彩票平台,1960彩票平台,cp彩票平台送彩金The C 1 system analyses temperature readings using classical isoperibol methods and is easily adaptable to users’ unique laboratory setups and interfaces. It is also equipped with a lightweight and easily detachable combustion chamber instead of traditional screw-threaded decomposition vessels for added convenience.

Advanced measurement software for chemical laboratories

其它彩票平台,1960彩票平台,cp彩票平台送彩金IKA’s powerful labworldsoft® 5.0 software is a cutting-edge measuring, regulating and controlling platform for chemical laboratory equipment.

Our innovative labworldsoft solution enables the networking of up to 64 devices simultaneously via a single PC, allowing users to efficiently consolidate and automate their laboratory operations. The software allows separate processes and measurement activities to be run independently for increased productivity.

其它彩票平台,1960彩票平台,cp彩票平台送彩金The software can be integrated with IKA’s extensive range of laboratory devices, as well as third-party systems from other manufacturers to ensure compatibility with customers’ existing equipment. It is also compatible with legacy Windows operating systems, ranging from Windows 2000 to Windows 10.

IKA’s labworldsoft programme is able to record a wide variety of physical parameters quickly and accurately, including torque, temperature, pH and speed. Gathered information can then be displayed to the user on a y/t graph for easy documentation and analysis.

Repair and maintenance services for chemical equipment

IKA operates dedicated global servicing teams that are able to carry out efficient repair and maintenance works on all the company’s laboratory and analytical devices.

We conduct servicing operations at a convenient fixed-price rate, which enables us to repair and return customers’ equipment within five business days. Our staff offer free equipment evaluations for client approval, featuring precise and comprehensive cost estimates that include full itemisation of spare components and associated labour.

其它彩票平台,1960彩票平台,cp彩票平台送彩金In the unlikely event of an equipment malfunction within the warranty period, IKA guarantees that the repaired item or a new device will be supplied within three business days. In many cases, a replacement unit may also be made available during the interim to ensure clients’ activities are unaffected.

其它彩票平台,1960彩票平台,cp彩票平台送彩金The company’s repair technicians use original, IKA-manufactured spare parts under warranty to achieve a long service-life. Comparable new devices can be offered in cases where servicing is economically unviable.

Expert training solutions for laboratory personnel

其它彩票平台,1960彩票平台,cp彩票平台送彩金IKA’s specialist personnel provide a wide portfolio of training services, which can be delivered either at the company’s various global facilities or at the client’s own sites depending on the customer’s preference.

We work closely with clients to discuss their unique process specifications in order to select the optimum technology and training programme to suit their needs, covering in-depth operational and logistical instructions, through to equipment maintenance and care.

其它彩票平台,1960彩票平台,cp彩票平台送彩金IKA’s certified technical staff are able to fit training sessions around customers’ individual schedules to minimise disruption to ongoing operations.

About IKA-Werke GmbH & Co

The IKA Group was originally founded in 1910 and currently employs more than 800 personnel worldwide.

其它彩票平台,1960彩票平台,cp彩票平台送彩金The company is headquartered in Staufen, Germany, and operates subsidiaries in the US, Brazil, China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and India.

其它彩票平台,1960彩票平台,cp彩票平台送彩金We are committed to continual growth and development in order to provide clients with the latest advanced technologies and our innovative equipment is used by high-profile organisations such as Bayer, BASF and Procter & Gamble.

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Press Release

IKA Introduces Two Powerful New Stirrers

A fresh generation of hi-tech stirrers is awaiting users in the laboratory, including the NANOSTAR 7.5 digital overhead, an equally high performer and at the same time, highly compact and the RCT 5 digital, one of the most powerful magnetic stirrers on the market.

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IKA Laboratory Reactor: Developing Sustainable Textiles

Our customer Beyond Surface Technologies AG is committed to providing advanced, high-quality surface effects for textile products.

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3rd October 2019

其它彩票平台,1960彩票平台,cp彩票平台送彩金A fresh generation of hi-tech stirrers is awaiting users in the laboratory, including the NANOSTAR 7.5 digital overhead, an equally high performer and at the same time, highly compact and the RCT 5 digital, one of the most powerful magnetic stirrers on the market.

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7th March 2019

IKA has launched its new droppers for the PETTE series, which were announced at ACHEMA.

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23rd January 2019

The IKA T 25 easy clean homogeniser has been awarded a Special Mention in the Industry Category by the German Design Council for its outstanding design quality.

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14th November 2018

The high-performance IKA T 25 easy clean disperser is the first of its kind for use in research, product development or quality control. This unique laboratory device has been lauded with the German Design Award 2019 in the Industry category.

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4th July 2018

其它彩票平台,1960彩票平台,cp彩票平台送彩金German analytical solutions provider IKA Group has been awarded the 2018 Red Dot Award for ‘Product Design’ for its innovative ElectraSyn 2.0 electrochemistry system.

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9th April 2018

Germany-based laboratory equipment specialist IKA is pleased to announce that the company was recently included in the Global Market Leaders Index as part of a study conducted by the University of St Gallen.

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