IDCON Consultants for Reliablity and Maintenance at Chemicals Plants

Safety and equipment reliability are key in the chemical industry. IDCON INC enables our clients to improve the efficiencies of their operations and reduce costs.

We are specialists in reliability and maintenance work processes.  These processes include work management planning and scheduling, asset management through preventive maintenance, operator care practices, root cause analysis, maintenance manager coaching, plant leadership, criticality of spare parts, BoMs, reliability and maintainability of equipment, and technical data.

Our reliability and maintenance consulting services focus on the people in your plant. Doing so ensures a successful adoption of reliability and maintenance best practices. IDCON coaches your team to create the sustained levels of awareness and buy-in required to produce the processes, action and change to transform your company’s organisation and garner bottom-line results.

When you engage with IDCON INC we have four key steps in working with you.

  • Understand your situation
  • Create a plan of action together
  • Implement the plan together to achieve the greatest success
  • Reach your goals

From business cases to on-the-job training, IDCON is your plant’s partner for sustainable improvements in reliability and maintenance work processes.  Learn more about the services we provide on the products tab.

Maintenance audits for chemical facilities

其它彩票平台,1960彩票平台,cp彩票平台送彩金When understanding the current gaps in your reliability and maintenance work processes, you focus on where your plant has the most opportunity for improvement.

IDCON’s Current Best Practices uses objective statements to review the nine key processes that have the most impact on reliability at the plant. We’ll provide you with solid recommendations based on the gaps we find and help you build the action plan to close the gaps.

Work management planning and scheduling

A key to ensuring reliable operations and the best use of your maintenance resources is through effective work management planning and scheduling. IDCON’s engages the entire organisation to improve awareness, practices and implementation. This approach combines seminars, formal classroom and on-the-job training.  As a complement to training, we provide implementation support to your plant to ensure the absolute best outcomes.

Asset management or preventive maintenance strategies

Many plants set up their preventive maintenance (PM) strategies in isolation from one another. For example, the mechanical PM programme was set up, then another programme was created for E/I equipment, then another programme for automation and controls, and on top of this there could be any number of PdM programmes set up. All the while, maintenance and operations teams are scratching their heads as to what programme they are supposed to follow.

IDCON’s approach to asset management is to guide you through a review of the current preventive maintenance strategy and help you either optimise your current strategy or to develop one. We can help your team set up and document the preventive maintenance process. Our training and coaching in Preventive Maintenance and Essential Care and Condition Monitoring (inspections) is practical and answers the “Why” and “How” of keeping your equipment in peak performance.

其它彩票平台,1960彩票平台,cp彩票平台送彩金A valuable asset many plants overlook is to engage their operations in the care and condition monitoring of the equipment. Operators are in the prime position to do care and basic inspections of equipment, but many do not know how to do it.  IDCON’s Operator Essential Care and Condition Monitoring Training will give them the skills they need to perform tasks effectively and efficiently.  You’ll find the quality and detail of work requests will also improve when operators have better knowledge of equipment.

Root-cause analysis

A root-cause analysis process should complement the preventive maintenance strategy at your plant.  While root-cause analysis is sufficient, at IDCON we go further by training and coaching your plant to not just to analyse but to remove the problems by finding the most effective solutions and a method to thoroughly document the process from failure to resolution. We call our process Root Cause Problem Elimination™.

Spare parts and technical data management

Improving your plant’s materials and spare parts frees up time for planners, supervisors and hourly maintenance personnel.  On average 20-30% of these employees’ time is spent trying to find parts and materials.

Our support for your plant in this vital process includes coaching and training, materials and spare parts strategy creation, key performance indicators to measure, determining a stock/non-stock decision model, criticality analysis, and setting up delivery systems for your spare parts.

Leadership and organisation

Skilled leaders are imperative to the success and safety of any chemical plant. IDCON works to support the managers and supervisors at your organisation and to teach them the best current practices in personnel management in the chemical processing industry. ICDON strives for the end goal of a well-functioning and safe plant operating on the highest industry standard.

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Press Release

IDCON Founder Christer Idhammar Publishes Autobiography

其它彩票平台,1960彩票平台,cp彩票平台送彩金IDCON founder Christer Idhammar has announced the publication of his autobiography, "Becoming a consultant in Reliability and Maintenance".

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Since 1972 we've been helping people improve reliability and maintenance at their organisations.


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Products and Services

Maintenance Assessment and Audits

Knowing how effective your organisation is in reliability and maintenance helps to focus your energies on the right things at the right time. The first step is often assessing or auditing current practices to determine where gaps exist.

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training and Implementation

其它彩票平台,1960彩票平台,cp彩票平台送彩金Maintenance planning and scheduling of work orders is the hub of a well functioning maintenance organisation. For maintenance planning and scheduling to function well other systems such as preventive maintenance, stores, work order history and backlog management must also work well.

Materials and Spare Parts Management Training and Implementation

Improving how clients manage the spare parts and materials in organisation provides huge benefits in the reduction of maintenance costs, time and parts inventory.

Preventive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring Training and Implementation

其它彩票平台,1960彩票平台,cp彩票平台送彩金Preventive maintenance directly impacts equipment reliability. IDCON’s preventive maintenance (PM) training supports implementation of a PM programme that enables plants to both prevent and find equipment failures.

Root Cause Failure Analysis Training and Implementation

IDCON believes that root cause analysis doesn’t adequately describe the results that you want. The company has named its process Root Cause Problem Elimination™ because the ultimate outcome is to actually eliminate the problem.

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IDCON founder Christer Idhammar has announced the publication of his autobiography, "Becoming a consultant in Reliability and Maintenance".

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3rd July 2018

US-based maintenance and reliability specialist IDCON will be a sponsor of the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals’ (SMRP) Carolinas Chapter Meeting on 23 August 2018.

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30th April 2018

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3rd April 2018

The lifespan of a bearing is seemingly random, ultimately being determined by a wide-ranging and complex set of factors that are difficult to calculate accurately.

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2nd February 2018

US-based reliability and maintenance specialist IDCON is pleased to announce that the company is set to hold a range of courses during February and March 2018.

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13th September 2017

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16th April 2017

IDCON founder and CEO Christer Idhammar recently paid a visit to Capitol Hill in Washington DC to lobby for workforce development alongside the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP).

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2nd March 2017

其它彩票平台,1960彩票平台,cp彩票平台送彩金IDCON founder and CEO Christer Idhammar will be featured at the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) two-day Symposium, which is set to take place on 7-8 June in Atlanta, Georgia.

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